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Colored Organics
St. Paul, MN

Colored Organics began as one mother’s effort to ensure the health, safety and comfort of her child and blossomed into a mission to provide a well-focused line of mainstream, sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing to consumers around the world.

The inception of CO came about when our founder, Amanda, read an article describing the benefits of organic cotton. She was moved by the impact that using ethically produced clothing has on the farmers who grow the cotton, the individuals who make the garments, and their families.  It was disheartening to think of a sweatshop where a child only a few years older than her daughter was being forced to work; or that a child might lose a father or mother due to pesticide use in unsafe conditions.

With these aspects in mind, Colored Organics was founded on the premise that ethical, organic apparel could appeal to the mainstream mom. Wanting to guarantee standards of sustainable, ethical production Colored Organics® has established itself as a champion for Fair Trade, producing only eco-conscious, sweatshop-free clothing, and adhering to the highest global standards of organic textile production (GOTS).baby

Almost a decade later, Colored Organics remains dedicated to ensuring that from our organic cotton farmers, to our fabric specialists, and talented seamstresses - every person that touches the garment is ethically treated and paid fairly.  Every purchase through CO provides funding for essentials like health care and education to the individuals who make our products and their families. A percentage of every purchase is reinvested in the communities who dedicate their time and efforts in crafting our garments.  

When you purchase Colored Organics you do more than ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your child, you positively affect people's lives around the world!  With love in every detail, our clothes truly have a happy history.

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