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Decent Exposures
Seattle, WA

2016 marks the 30th year that Decent Exposures has been making eco-friendly custom clothing and underwear.  From the beginning, we have ‘made to order’ so there is less waste from overstocking.  We have always offered 100% cotton clothing and underwear, and have offered organic cotton and organic cotton with lycra since 2002, when it became more available and affordable for us.  Once we learned of the negative effects of growing non-organic cotton, we have committed to switching over all our cotton to organic cotton.  Since 2008 we have added more and more colors to our organic offerings.  We currently offer over 20 organic cotton colors!  


We have always offered adjustments to our products – free in the first 2 months, for a nominal fee after that – so our customers can send items back to have them custom-fit, or ‘refurbished’, rather than having to throw them away.  It’s our own version of ‘recycling’, but gives our clothing and underwear a much longer life-span.     

All our manufacturing is done in Seattle, WA, where we pay our employees well above minimum wage and give them generous benefits.  Flexible hours, paid vacations and holidays, along with a SIMPLE pension plan are some of the ways we take care of our employees - most have been with us for over 15 years!  Our commitment to US production is non-negotiable – we will always make our products here and pay our employees a living wage.  Our fabric is also made in the US, in California.   

We use minimal packaging – just tissue paper and paper mailers - all from recycled content and completely recyclable. Our hang tags are printed on recycled paper as well.  We donate our larger fabric scraps to a local business that in turn recycles/re-uses it, which helps keep our non-recyclable, non-compostable waste to a minimum.   

We only send catalogs (printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink) to those who request them and we have never bought a mailing list, nor sold our mailing list to anyone.  We try to send catalogs to current customers about once a year, as a gentle reminder, rather than bombarding them with e-mails and catalogs every few months.  

The $5,000 prize would help us to continue to provide quality organic products at a reasonable cost, as well as help us develop new products and update our primary marketing ‘tool’ – our catalog.

Decent Exposures