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Herman's Eco
Riverside, CA

Herman’s Eco Inc. is a US company. We make clothes, accessories, and home goods. HEI has been in business for eight years. The goods are made from organic cotton sourced in the US and Peru, hemp, and repurposed cloth. We are best known for our organic yoga pants and men’s wear. We make clothes for women too.

HEI is mainly a direct marketer. However if I win the grant I’d love to open an eco fashion store in LA. We are still based in Montana and have been spending lots of time in Los Angeles. I could give some classes on organic dying.

I have taught myself using indigo, black walnuts, and mushrooms. It is important to tell the world how much pollution is caused by acid dye run-off. I have bought natural organic colored cotton from Peru for manufacturing my clothes. It’s expensive and I’d like to buy some more; winning the People & Planet Award would help me do that. Money can help spread the green word.

Herman’s Eco is small but has no debt, this helps when it comes time to stand strong and against the rules of fast fashion. I watch everything in my supply chain. This company is run by a bit of magic; somehow I always manage to keep up and the orders are filled.  

As small as we are this company makes a huge difference. I started designing when I was young and now I have a following. Others believe they can do it because they have seem me, Anna Herman, do it. Now I see a second generation that I have inspired.



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