Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Liz Alig
Indianapolis, IN

We believe clothing should be effortless - the kind of dresses you can throw on and look great in all day - sweaters that are so comfortable you can live in - and clothing that is unique, easy to layer, and functional (which is why we love pockets!)  We think part of sustainable fashion is designing garments that are high quality and will last for many seasons … clothing that you love before before you hear the story of how it is made.  In our Indianapolis studio we design a Spring and Fall collection of pieces that are timeless while incorporating the unique traditional textiles and skills of the ten fair trade groups who produce the clothing.

We believe in high quality, sustainable fibers.  As textile nerds we love rich timeless textiles - bulky handwoven stripes - super soft pima cotton - hand dyed silk - vibrant boho ikat. We believe in being able to track our entire supply chain.  Because of this we have become creative in our use of textiles ... recycling mounds of old t-shirts and going back to the roots of ethnic cultures to discover amazing hand-woven textiles.

We believe recycling is important. 

We believe in slow fashion.  Clothing taken back to its roots, garments that may take months to make because the cotton was grown organically and hand woven into fabric then hand dyed and printed and next hand sewn.  Why this extra time?  We have the opportunity to give more people more meaningful jobs. 
We believe clothing production can and should be transparent.

We believe in supporting fair trade workshops and co-ops that give back to their communities and workers with education, freedom, and dignity.  We partner with ten amazing fair trade NGO’s and women’s co-ops around the world to produce the clothing – organizations, like Mi Esperanza in Honduras that provide skills training to low income women.  Sustainable employment for our partner organizations empowers women to go back to school, start their own businesses, and provide for their families - things unheard of for women who previously lived on less than a dollar a day.  

We believe giving sustainable employment and opportunities to women in developing countries will help whole communities out of poverty.  We believe together this kind of thinking can change the world - even if it is one women’s village at a time.