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STAY VOCAL Reuse Apparel Brand
Norwell, MA

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Minimizing waste, leftover silk-screen ink is used to create one-of-a-kind T-Shirt art.
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What’s the most eco-friendly apparel? Clothing that doesn’t have to be made because it’s already here, right? So, when you want to print new designs on the most eco-friendly T-Shirts, you would of course use them. And that’s exactly what STAY VOCAL does. STAY VOCAL is a Green America-certified reuse apparel brand. We rescue T-Shirts and give them a second life.

Our Mission
Our mission is to encourage people to reuse whenever possible.  We do this by providing a variety of ReUse Apparel that embraces different fashions, styles, and humor. By reusing, we’re helping to protect our planet’s precious resources.

Our Apparel
About half of our apparel line is made from brand new garments that were going to be destroyed. The balance comes from thrift stores and other sources, allowing us to offer more unique items.

Who We Are
STAY VOCAL was founded and is still operated by Alex Eaves, who has worked in the T-Shirt industry since 1998, with seven years of experience as a merchandiser for high-profile touring rock bands. Recently, Alex has entered the speaking and workshop circuit, spreading the word of reuse and the STAY VOCAL brand.

Founded in 2003 as a skateboard and apparel brand, STAY VOCAL has certainly evolved. In 2008, after dabbling in reuse, but seeing mass amounts of waste in the T-Shirt industry, Eaves decided to convert to strictly reused apparel. That year, he entered his idea into a small business contest and won!

How Else We Reuse

  • Orders and labels are printed on blank sides of scrap paper from local businesses
  • Orders are shipped in used packaging like cereal boxes
  • All computers, equipment, displays, and other materials are pre-owned
  • Business cards are printed on pre-owned T-Shirts

How Else We Are Green

  • Green web hosting
  • All pre-owned shirts are washed with eco-friendly detergents and hang-dried
  • Recycling (when we can’t reuse)

How Else We Are A Zero-Waste Leader

  • T-Shirts scraps are made into bandanas, patches, “Weeusable Wipes,” and more.
  • Instead of discarding it, leftover silk-screen ink is used to create one-of-a-kind apparel.
  • With limited edition designs and on-demand shirts, we eliminate waste and overproduction.

How We Get Involved

  • Sponsor events and make event T-Shirts
  • Team up with like-minded organizations, bands, and others for T-Shirt campaigns

People Benefits

  • Unique, eco-friendly way to dress and promote positive change
  • Helps the US economy by supporting a 100% USA re-made business

Planet Benefits

  • Less textiles in landfills
  • At least 400 gallons of water are saved with every ReUse shirt sold
  • Less oil used in the production of new shirts


In 2013, STAY VOCAL plans to expand its wholesale focus, targeting 20-30 selected stores throughout the country to carry our merchandise. This will be supported by a "Reuse Showcase Tour" conducted by Alex and aimed at engaging audiences in the benefits of reusing and a zero-waste, green lifestyle.


Dog Alex
Some T-Shirts become dog bandanas. Alex Eaves speaks at a Stay Vocal sponsored event in California.
Booth Packaging
Spreading the word on waste in the apparel industry at a local event. "It takes 400 gallons of water to grow the cotton for one T-shirt," reads the (reused cardboard) signage. Reuse for shipping too! Used packaging from cereal and other food products gets a new life as a Stay Vocal shipping containter.