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Amicus Green Building Center
Kensington, MD

Ever wonder where you can find that gorgeous tile featured on Inhabitat, remodel your kitchen as organically as the food you prepare in it, or how to complete a Deep Energy Retrofit to your home? The Amicus Green Building Center is a home improvement store focused exclusively on truly sustainable — we call it “deep green”—building materials and expertise.

The word "amicus" means friend in Latin. We believe this embodies what we represent and strive for—that all of our products, principles, and practices are friendly to you, your building, wallet, future, and planet. The spaces we create are healthy (avoiding toxins and bothersome chemicals); save precious energy and water resources and money; reduce pollution; allow occupants with limited mobility to remain independent; and celebrate local manufacturing and jobs. But we are much more than tools and parts. We help homeowners install rain gardens, get rid of mosquitoes without poisons, paint without making their kids sick, install flooring that would make panda bears proud, and so much more.  

We also show that green building can take on all kinds of looks and styles—most of the time you don’t even realize it’s better for us and our planet.

We strive to walk the walk to become a truly sustainable company in all facets of our operations, including:

  • 100% of our electricity is provided by wind power
  • All lighting is energy saving LEDs and flourescents
  • We reuse boxes and shipping cartons for customer use (to minimize use of disposable shopping bags) and shipping out products
  • We donate retired materials and samples to non-profit arts and educational foundations
  • We give away pallets to avoid landfilling
  • We recycle paper, plastics, and metals
  • We compost organic waste (like lunch scraps)
  • All office paper is 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC-Certified.
  • Even our register receipt paper is FSC-Certified and BPA-free (most thermal receipts have BPA, which can rub off on your hands)
    The Amicus Green team.
  • We use duplex to print double-sided whenever feasible
  • We use ceramic mugs and plates to minimize use of disposables
  • We volunteer time and expertise in the community
  • We partner with other small business suppliers and contractors.

If we are so lucky as to receive this honor, we would use the funds to upgrade our creaky computer systems, so we can  work with more great homeowners more effectively.

donations Solar Denim
Some of the donations we gathered for Hurricane Sandy recovery.

Slashing carbon footprints with solar power and smart comfort improvements. Collecting used denim to turn into insulation for Habitat for Humanity projects.

A few projects from our portfolio—green can be beautiful in many tastes.
Passive Sink