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Making a difference and saving the planet requires "walking the walk" in addition to "talking the talk."’s agenda is one of spirit, rather than politics. Looking for a revolution in hearts and minds, in the very consciousness of the lives we live, where we live. It's a revolution that starts with greening the home.

Everybody knows the earth is in trouble: every day we hear about global warming, acid rain, oil spills, deforestation, and nuclear waste. But what can we actually do to make a difference? has the answer and understands what it means to live green and make a difference every day through the choices we make. Being green isn’t just about helping the environment – it’s about our health and happiness.

While supports giving money to environmental causes, going to rallies in the park, even sitting in a tree (especially!), they believe the big change will come when individuals and companies realize a mutual obligation to be more environmentally responsible every day. walks the walk.  The Mission
Green Home’s mission is simple: green the home, green the planet. provides tools for healthy, simple living. Stop participation in the poisonous ruin of our bodies and our earth. Start in our own backyards, literally.

More than any government institution, media outlet, or corporation, the real power to make change lies with our everyday choices. By encouraging sustainable consumption, we are creating a demand for green products. When we achieve this mission, empowerment happens. talks the talk. The Team
Since 1999, the Green Home Team has been on a mission to green the planet one person and one business at a time.  They have spent years perfecting the definition of a green home. Supporting small suppliers and local manufacturers, the Team selects only products that have been tested and approved through their rigorous Green Product Approval Process.

Starting out literally in a San Francisco garage with a dream, was the pioneer leader supplying green products before it was cool and has held true to this mission every day. They are one of the most trusted online sources of environmentally friendly products with happy loyal customers and a dedicated team. The Team members enforce this mission in their own daily lives and take personal pride in helping each person they touch make greener choices.

Proud to be certified Gold Members of Green America, is located in a LEED Gold certified building and has achieved San Francisco Green Business status and is a Certified B Corporation.

It's easy to go green in every room of your home.

The Green Home Solution
There are eco-friendly choices to be made in every room of our home from water filters and organic mattresses, to compost bins and bamboo plates, but there is even more. In addition to amazing products, offers advice, education and information through daily blog posts and e-newsletters on ways to improve life and home. Every business and every interaction makes an impact on our planet, which is also our home, and has everything necessary to really make a difference.


Neal, Karen and Gwen with their yard chickens.
Kirsten in San Francisco and Olive (Jen's furry helper) in Taos both hard at work helping people go green.
Jane proud of our LEED building, Gwen glowing with LEDs, and Kari with her stainless steel straw.

Wendy cleaning green and Patch planting green at home.