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Manitowoc, WI

Honest Pet Products was created by founder and president, Mary Wolff in March, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our GREEN commitment is to provide pet products that are extra-durable and entertaining for pets, fully sustainable and organic for the planet, and manufactured by disabled and impoverished people. We proudly provide a line of natural toys for dogs and cats that are made of fully sustainable hemp and organic wool materials from humanely raised sheep. We also manufacture a 100-percent organic, vegan dog shampoo, especially beneficial for “itchy” dogs.

Our toys are quite possibly the most truly natural pet products on the market. We stand apart from most manufacturers by providing income opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities who make our hemp dog and cat toys in Green Bay WI, and adult women handcrafting our wool cat toys to support their impoverished herding families in Mongolia. In exchange for this income opportunity the herding families agree to protect the endangered snow leopards of the region from poaching and possible extinction. This conservation project directed by the Snow Leopard Trust in Seattle has produced great success for both the snow leopard population and the families!

For cats.
For dogs.

The Honest Clean Organic Dog Shampoo is made with pure coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oil and additional natural extracts manufactured in the USA and hand bottled and labeled in Green Bay, WI.

Now, with the high demand for sustainable, natural pet toys, Honest Pet Products LLC is hugely expanding its line of pet toys in January 2014. Pet products that appeal to earth-conscious and humanitarian people have been an underserved market up till now. The demand for durable pet products that don’t harm our family pets or our planet has been overwhelming.  As fast as we can release a product, the demand starts coming in for other products, and the benefits to the disabled and impoverished “toy makers” and the safety of our planet is immeasurable!

As we grow, the commitment to our three basic, unrelenting, and uncompromising principles won’t change:

     • To be true to pets
     • To be true to planet
     • To be true to people

To feel that Honest Pet Products’ and my personal dedication to making our world a better, safer, kinder place one pet toy at a time makes every day of “work” for me truly a “Labor of Love”.
“Live a clean life”…….Mary Wolff