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Sherlock Bones.

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Alexandria, VA

Superior Bed Bug Solutions (SBBS) is a bed bug detection and remediation company that uses dogs to find bed bugs and heat to eliminate them.  SBBS is deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility, or should we say, people, planet, and pups!

  • We NEVER use pesticides for treating bed bug infestations, ever. This is to protect the health of our clients, their children and pets, and our employees.
  • All heating equipment and vehicles are manufactured in the United States. 
  • All of our employees are paid a living wage or greater for the DC Metro area.
  • Our canines, Sunny and Sherlock, were rescued from a shelter before being trained and certified as bed bug dogs. They enjoy a loving home, lots of long walks, and healthy food. They love their job!

Owner and head technician, Jesse Jardim, created SBBS when his own home was victim to a bed bug infestation, and he viewed the emotional and physical trauma associated with the pests.  Traditional pest control companies were incapable of treating his home and Jesse heard similar stories from others. Jesse decided that the Washington, DC area needed a non-toxic company that specialized in bed bug removal.  After intense research and preparation, he devised the most environmental and effective solution to detect and eradicate bed bugs within homes and businesses.

Unlike many pest-control companies, SBBS never uses toxic chemicals to deal with bed bug infestations.  This helps to create a healthy home by protecting residents, their children, and pets from exposure to harmful pesticides and long-term residues. Chemical applications require three or four treatments and are often unable to kill bed bug eggs. Spraying often exacerbates the problem by spreading the infestation. 

Instead of using harmful pesticides, SBBS uses heat to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatment eliminates all bed bugs in a single treatment. SBBS helps families navigate the trauma that comes with bed bugs by guiding them step by step through the procedures to best prepare their home for heat treatment and helps customers to remove and recycle unsalvageable or unsanitary items.  Because SBBS is committed to consumer satisfaction we offer all clients a 30-day "Bed Bug Free" guarantee.

Meet the Dogs
Sunny Sleuth is head of our canine detection division. Sunny was rescued from a shelter at two years old and given a second chance at life! Sunny serves as lead detective and trains alongside Sherlock Bones and two other canine detectives.  Winning the People & Planet Award would allow SBBS to adopt and train a fifth dog to add to our pack!

Sunny and Sherlock were trained using scent vials to developed their ability to pinpoint live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. They trained alongside police, arson and bomb squad dogs to distinguish between odors and track the scent of bedbugs to their source.

Our staff trains with our dogs daily to maintain their expert detection abilities, and keep their noses in tip top shape.  When Sunny and Sherlock are not hunting bed bugs, they enjoy eating, chasing squirrels, lying in the sun, going for walks and meeting new people and canines.

Sunny and Sherlock want you to vote for SBBS!

Team Dogs
The original heat treatment team in DC Metro. Sherlock Bones and Sunny Sleuth, the bed bug super dogs, want to be your friends on Facebook!