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Earthcraft Construction
Boise, ID

Imagine a well-built, beautiful healthy home that captures the sun’s energy and surrounds its occupants in comfort, while saving them money on utilities year after year. Mark L. (Ron) Hixson, owner/designer/builder of Earthcraft Construction, believes “Green building has its own inherent architecture, reflecting the earth itself. It is the synthesis of natural elements and good design."

For over thirty years, Earthcraft Construction, Inc. has provided an approach to green building that integrates practical, time-tested methods with new and innovative technology. The result is a home tailored to each client’s unique lifestyle, needs and budget as well as the environment in which it is built.

Earthcraft built Boise’s first passive solar straw bale home. It won the City of Boise’s 2010 Building Excellence Award in the Green Building Category.
This innovative home features:

  • 80% Passive solarStraw bale
  • R50 Straw bale curtain walls
  • R52 Roof insulation
  • Active solar hot water
  • Reused concrete (urbanite) retaining walls & masonry veneer
  • "Permaculture" (edible landscaping)

Earthcraft utilizes natural, local, and reclaimed products whenever possible to help reduce cost, waste, and impact on the environment. Our combination of skill and experience with both design and building enable us to control costs and work within our clients' budgets. This concept-to-completion service is Earthcraft's personal commitment and what makes our homes stand apart from the rest.

Thoughtful design and attention to detail bring Earthcraft praise from its clients:

“There are numerous artful touches throughout the home: Extensive tile work designed by Ron, twig ceilings, and accessories that he carefully selected from the area's native surroundings. “ -- Ted and Lisa Simons

“We appreciated the quality we saw in the construction under Ron's direction and his creativity and imagination in the design. Ron is an expert at combining aesthetics and function in his homes.” -- Matt and Kristi Barnett

Green building means paying attention to every detail to find cost-, materials-, and resource-efficiencies. Here is a news segment featuring Ron’s use of tanks to store rain water for irrigation: "You have the potential to harvest the water and recycle it rather than just let it run off down the hillside," Hixson said.

If Earthcraft Construction receives the People & Planet Award for Green Businesses, the money will allow us to give time and expertise to Habitat for Humanity, and help them:

  • develop green building techniques
  •  efficient and effective passive solar designs
  • convection airflow systems

Some of the award money will go for green-building software that will help us to fine-tune our designs to optimize energy consumption and perform multiple building analyses.

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