Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

Envision Solar
San Diego, CA

We look forward to living in a world where human beings can come and go, conducting their business and pleasure activities without harming our finite and beautiful planet.

Driving on sunshine will contribute significantly to that future. Envision Solar’s mission is to bring aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and affordable distributed solar power generation to the world. We have merged high-design architecture with sustainable infrastructure master planning to help corporations, schools, governmental agencies and other entities deploy “solar you can see.” Our goal is to create architecturally accretive and iconic Solar Parking arrays that transform parking lots into beautiful solar power plants that also have the ability to charge electric vehicles. We believe in eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels and solar is an infinite resource we have right here right now.

Our products include our Solar Tree® structures and the world’s only transportable solar-powered electric vehicle charging station, the EV ARC™. Our EV ARC™ is truly revolutionary as it is an electric vehicle charging station that is not grid-tied, uses 100% sunshine to charge electric vehicles, is 100% emissions-free and fully transportable. We are committed to furthering the use of renewable energy sources and to expanding California and the world’s electric vehicle infrastructure.

We are ready to tackle the difficult, yet attainable task of transitioning from fossil fueled transportation to the sustainable electrification of vehicles, surely one of the most important technological and societal transitions of our time and, perhaps, our entire history.