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About NativeEnergy:
NativeEnergy delivers progress on the path to sustainability.  Our business is devoted to creating opportunities for businesses and individuals to make impact investments that produce new clean energy here at home and clean water in developing countries, and preserve indigenous cultures in the forests of Brazil, all while strengthening communities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Through our Help Build™ carbon offsets, businesses and people like you help directly finance new wind, water, biogas, solar, and other carbon reducing projects that can’t otherwise happen. Each of our projects is designed to do more than reduce carbon emissions - driving business value and personal satisfaction through improving peoples’ lives.  More than 60 community-scale NativeEnergy Help Build™ projects have been made possible due to impact investments from business and individuals, reducing 2 million tons of greenhouse gases. These projects include renewable energy at schools, manure digester-generators on struggling family farms, household water filters in rural Kenya and even the first large scale Native American-owned wind turbine, providing economic benefits to one of the nation’s poorest tribes.

How we would use the $5000:
We will dedicate the $5000 prize to helping implement the Ghana Clean water project.  The contribution would offset 325 metric tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking about 68 passenger cars off the road for a year.   In addition the contribution will help to deliver over 800,000 liters of clean water to the communities, reducing water-borne illness and freeing up time for school and productive work.

Ghana Clean Water Project Information:

Indiana School Wind Project from NativeEnergy, Inc. on Vimeo.

Wagner Farm General Video from NativeEnergy, Inc. on Vimeo


The Ghana Clean Water Project provides water filtration systems and helps offset greenhouse gas emissions across the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

A woman in Ghana receives her water filtration system.