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Fiberactive Organics
Apex, NC

Fiberactive Organics aims to be the foundation for a million other businesses to create and sew with organic cotton.

Several years ago Julie became frustrated with the lack of organic sewing notions on the market and decided to manufacture her own.  Since then Fiberactive has introduced organic cotton sewing thread, hand-dyed embroidery floss, ribbon, and braid.  Fiberactive is now the source for North Carolina organic cotton straight from the gin. 

“Just Ginned” organic cotton is used for everything from stuffing pillows to hand spinning.  Don’t know how to spin?  Stop in the studio and Julie will show you how.  She grows small crop of colorgrown cotton at Fiberactive’s studio and hopes to recruit NC farmers to jump on the band wagon with her.  US spinners want US organic cotton and North Carolina is the perfect place to grow it.

Julie Moore, Founder & CEO says, “I made the decision to stop selling retail; to step into the background and support manufacturers and sewing stores around the world by distributing and wholesaling our organic cotton products. Sewing organic can spread a lot faster if we supply the entrepreneurs, manufacturers and artists with what they need to sew up their dreams."  

Fiberactive is a paperless, zero waste company that supports organic gardening and homesteading around their region.  They’re working hard to make fashion sustainable and even healthy!

Below: Clothing made with Fiberactive Organics' organic cotton notions.