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HaitiThe Real Milk Paint
Hohenwald, TN

Congratulations to Winter 2016
People & Planet Award winner
The Real Milk Paint Company!

The Real Milk Paint Co. is committed to making the safest paints and finishes in the industry. In fact, disposing of unused Real Milk Paint in your garden or yard is recommended. It will actually fertilize and nourish the soil. Please compare that to other paint companies. For 20 years we have been listening to our customers tell us what they need, and we launch out to satisfy their wishes. Our customers have been requesting an easy way to create the aged effect of chipping paint. We developed an all-natural paste that when Real Milk Paint is applied over it, the paint chips off. “Chippy Paste” is being tested by our retailer market now.

As a company, we sponsored the mural movement for under-privileged school children in Haiti to paint the walls of their school. More recently, Real Milk Paint has sponsored college students exploring sustainable paints and artists’ retreats. With Real Milk Paint, the worries of disposal or toxicity to your environment are gone for good.

Winning the People & Planet award would allow us to make more DIY videos to further education the public.

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