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Lotech Products
Tucson, AZ

Lotech Products is a cottage industry company that handcrafts three compost aerating tools for home and community composters, and DIY composting toilets, on machinery we made from recycled parts. It is owned and operated by us, the Ambrose Family - Charlie, Sharon, Brendan, and Brian in Tucson, Arizona.

It began when a family member saw this funny looking metal object leaning against a tree in our backyard. After showing her what it was she exclaimed, “That works so well, I bet other composters would want to use it!” Then came our name, which was born from Charlie’s great sense of humor.

Our goal since then has been to take the chore out of composting by making it as easy, effective, and fun as can be! When we hear from a customer about how our tools helped them succeed, we are inspired to keep working hard. It is very rewarding to make a green product, with our hands, that people find useful. Most recently, we have worked with a designer of DIY barrel composting toilets to redevelop the perfect sized special long Compost Crank® for his two systems.

We are able to help promote composting and give back to our national community with our donation program. Through this, we donate a Compost Crank® and a Twist to a nonprofit, community garden, or school garden each month. These wonderful organizations facilitate, teach, and promote composting, gardening, and food stewardship across the country and we are proud to help!

Part of our identity, and showcasing our commitment to reducing, reusing, and recycling, the machinery we use to bend each tool was built from recycled parts by Charlie. Additionally, we use 100% recycled nylon in the Compost Crank® handles, minimalist packaging, recycled paper, and biodegradable products. We also like to upcycle things for use around the shop and office. And of course, we compost, a lot!

If you were to choose our company, the award could be used for many things. We could start work on the new composting products we have in our heads, build more machinery to further green up our manufacturing process, or purchase solar panels to run our business on clean energy. And we may renovate our well-loved, Chevy LUV pickup truck so we can run errands and take orders to the Post Office using biodiesel.

Thank you for your consideration, we are honored and grateful. It is a pleasure to go to work every day knowing that we have a hand in someone’s composting and gardening success, and are helping them to grow a greener, more sustainable world. Happy composting!

From our heap to yours, The Ambrose Family

The Twist, manufactured on machinery made from recycled parts. Brendan (left) and a teacher at Davis Bilingual Magnet Elementary School, with their compost bin and the Crank & Twist.

Tour crank Maya
Lotech Products at the Real Gardens for Real People Tour. The Compost Crank® Mascot Maya.

Below: Brendan, Sharon, and BrianFamily

Crank and Twist