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The ReWall Company
Des Moines, IA

The ReWall Company manufactures 100-percent-recycled composite panels from beverage cartons and their components (milk and juice cartons).  ReWall products are manufactured in Des Moines, Iowa using regionally collected raw materials.  This waste material is hard to recycle because of its composite nature.  Since we do not separate these layers like other recycling solutions, we are able to fully utilize this resource at its highest and best value.

We help recycle some of the two million tons of polyethylene-coated cartons and cups that enter landfills every year, and our environmentally-friendly manufacturing process does not use added adhesives, water or chemicals.  ReWall has received three environmental awards and our products are used in construction projects throughout North America.  ReWall has been a finalist in the SXSW Eco Startup Showcase, and has been a Chase Bank Mission Main Street grant recipient.  All ReWall products are 100-percent-recycled, abuse-, moisture- and mold-resistant and VOC free. Our products are part of a remarkable environmental solution and are surprisingly affordable.

Many of our retail customers suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, or “Sick Building Syndrome”.  These “Canaries in the Coalmine” are sounding the alarm, and pleading to live in healthy homes, and work in buildings that won’t make them nauseous or give them migraines.  As more and more consumers are becoming aware of the known carcinogens and toxic materials that we build with every day, they are demanding that manufacturers become more transparent and responsible for what goes into our built environment.

ReWall NakedBoard is made from post-industrial waste, cartons that were never filled.  This unique, easy to install, pre-finished decorative panel is being used in garages, laundry rooms, workshops, and other moisture-prone areas.  NakedBoard has a clear plastic facer that allows you to actually read the label of the recycled content that makes up the core of all ReWall products.  The busy pattern of the recycled content makes it easy to hide the fasteners, and since it is a finished panel, once it’s hung, you are done, making it more economical than even the lowest - drywall.

The raw materials used for ReWall often come in wet due to conditions at their source or as a result of rain and snow in transit. The $5000 award will be used towards the purchase of an industrial dryer to improve the speed and efficiency of our production process and make ReWall even more affordable.

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