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Graydon Blair displays a jar of
home-brewed biodiesel.

logoUtah Biodiesel Supply
Clinton, UT

Utah Biodiesel Supply is an industry leader in offering innovative ways to empower our customers to produce biodiesel. From free online instructional videos on how to get started making this great renewable fuel to promotional items to help our customers proclaim their energy independence, Utah Biodiesel Supply has it covered. With the widest selection available of biodiesel equipment, supplies, and promotional items, you're sure to learn something new about biodiesel every time you visit.

Founded in April of 2005, Utah Biodiesel Supply was started as an online business offering a small collection of supplies and products to help people with their biodiesel home-brewing activities.

Since that time it's continued to grow to bring customers the best selection of unique products to help them in their production, promotion, and use of biodiesel. With over 350 product offerings, many of which are exclusives to Utah Biodiesel Supply, you're bound to find something new and exciting every time you stop by the site. We're located in Clinton, Utah, USA.

The business is operated by Graydon Blair, an avid biodiesel enthusiast. Graydon became interested in biodiesel in late 2003 and has actively participated in brewing Biodiesel, participating in Biodiesel organizations, and has worked with local government groups to encourage the use of Biodiesel as a viable alternative fuel in Utah.

Initially started as an idea on a road trip to California, the business has grown from a small side job into a full-fledged business operating full time as of July 2007. Graydon Blair, President of Utah Biodiesel Supply, operates the business and is continually adding new and exciting products.

Below: Graydon teaching a home-brewing workshop; with the bio-pro 190,
an automated biodiesel processor; and with a biodiesel-powered pick-up truck.

Workshop pump