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People & Planet Award for Green Businesses
Choose three businesses to win a $10,000 or $5,000 prize.

Green America is proud to introduce the eight finalists for this fall's People & Planet Awards for finalists with a commitment to green pets and animals

Each name below links to a full business bio explaining the company’s sustainability commitment. All finalists must excel in an overall commitment to both social and environmental responsibility. Please cast your votes for your three favorites by 6PM EST on Wednesday, November 30. Three votes per person, please. Good luck to all of the finalists, and thanks for your commitment to people and the planet!

Vote for Three Businesses
(Listed in alphabetical order. Click on a business to learn more about its green commitment. Check the boxes and click "Submit Votes" below to cast your votes.)


Full Circle Feed
Full Circle Feed »
Syracuse, NY

"Our treats are made with vegetables, meats, fruits, and breads from restaurant buffets that were prepared but not served. The result is a healthy, delicious, environmentally-sustainable dog treat!" 

Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC »
West Hartford, CT

"As an eco-ethical company, Greenfeather Bird Supply, LLC is committed to always offering stores the finest quality creative designs that are eco-friendly, safe, and cruelty-free."

The Honest Kitchen
The Honest Kitchen »
San Diego, CA

"We’re committed to continuously replacing conventional ingredients with certified organic alternatives and reducing waste by using only re-usable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials."

Colored Organics
Purrfectplay »
Chesterton, IN

"We strive to create the best cat and dog toys, sourcing from local talent in our Indiana community workshop, and using only natural dye-free fibers. If Mother Nature doesn't make it, we don't use it." 

Big Bad Woof
The Big Bad Woof »
Washington, DC

"The Big Bad Woof specializes in organic, holistic, premium and raw diets for companion animals,and always gives preference to locally produced, USA made, fair trade and minority-made products."

Bio Urn 4 Pets
Bio Urn 4 Pets »
Yorba Linda, CA

"Handcrafted in the USA, using only sustainable and organic cotton, this green burial product was created by a pet lover to help grieving pet parents through the loss of a family pet."

Eco Dog Care
Eco Dog Care »
Los Angeles, CA

"We wanted products to tap into the power of nature to clean, soothe, heal and protect, so we started with a biodegradable, toxin-free base and infused it with essential oils and botanicals."

Front Yard Coop
Front Yard Coop »
Asheville, NC
"The world’s first solar-powered, self-propelled chicken coop offers technological innovations and contemporary design to enable your backyard flock and possibly change your life."

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