Green America: Growing the Green Economy for People and the Planet

San Francisco, CA

Diets and doctors tell us that fish is one of the more perfect foods: good protein, Omega 3’s, low fat. Fish is good for your brain, you heart, your skin; everyone should eat more fish. Oops, except that fish has been so over-harvested in the wild, and so much damage and pollution has come from fish farms that the products of all fisheries need to be questioned. On top of all this, fish is being sold without labels, without clear information, playing into our suspicions about illegal unregistered and unreported fisheries.  Seemingly committed to keeping customers ignorant through complexity, the seafood market seems to literally move away from transparent practices.

CleanFish to the rescue: we’ve developed a trusted platform of both wild and farmed fisheries by turning our backs on industrial commodity fish operations. CleanFish looks to the artisanal, or family farm levels of seafood production.  We don’t sell naked fish. Rather we have carefully cultivated regional networks of smaller, ethical fish producers whose principles and practices we know well through our proprietary screening and vetting processes.  Our intense screening time allows us to know our producers, learn to appreciate what makes them different. Our market education has allowed the gradual emergence of a set of principles that have come to define what is a difference that matters, a difference you can taste in restaurants from the French Laundry to LYFE Kitchen.

For the species we carry under the CleanFish Brand umbrella, we set the mark for ecological responsibility, for fairness and decency with which our producers who engage their staff and communities to maintain a viable seafood culture that surrounds the fishing farms and towns and processing operations we depend on. 


As a result of the CleanFish connection producer practices have improved year on year in both wild and farmed productions.  Greater attention to full life cycle of the fish and to fish welfare; each operator demonstrates a commitment to continual improvements. These are all hallmarks common to CleanFish producers.

CleanFish has created access to native fisheries, such as Nunavut tribe’s Arctic Char that is uniquely available through CleanFish.  We have promoted innovation such as the move to organic production of many fish farms. Additionally, some have gone to larger infrastructure innovations such as wind and solar energy powering of their farms.  Wild fishing groups have been able to remain within quotas and still find living wages; some by innovating in the hybrid of wild catch and fish ranching to provide a viable yearly round of fishing and farming to keep a coastal community intact.

CleanFish serves as marketplace champions, a platform for producers who are truly eco-warriors keeping traditions alive, and innovating for viable seafood that moves toward restorative and regenerative practices. We consider it essential to move beyond what has become a marketing catch phrase of sustainability.  We need a future thriving with fish we can trust. Welcome to the CleanFish Movement.