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Our solar flour power logo.

Our solar meter in the food warehouse.
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Frankferd Farms Foods
Saxonburg, PA

Frankferd Farms Foods has been providing the region with organic, natural, and bulk foods for over 35 years. In 1978, Frankferd Farms Milling was born along with the owners’ (Betty and T.Lyle Ferderber) first child.  They were some of the first organic farmers in the area, receiving just as much praise as they did raised eyebrows. After seven years of growing and milling grains on their 81-acre organic farm, Betty and T.Lyle welcomed their second child into the world and expanded to become a food distributorship in 1985.  Since then, the food business outgrew its space on the family farm and moved to a much larger warehouse a few miles away.  Frankferd is the only company of its kind in the region and serves over 3000 customers in 7 states.  Since the business essentially grew out of an organic farm, its ethics are rooted in stewardship to the land.  If we are awarded, we plan on using the funds to purchase high efficiency lighting for our 9500 square foot warehouse.  

Here are a few of our practices that reduce our impact on the earth and the environment:

  • Solar Power: During the summer of 2011, we installed a 10-kilowatt solar array onto the roof of our barn at the farm.  These solar panels power our home, farm, and most importantly, our flour mill.  We felt pretty good about becoming the first solar powered flour mill, so we decided to install a16-kilowatt array onto the west roof of our warehouse in the fall of 2011.  This has significantly decreased our use of conventional electricity and has allowed us to sell a little electricity back to the grid when our operation isn’t busy.
  • Recycling: We recycle everything that we possibly can. Office paper, plastic, aluminum, shrink wrap, etc.  We also re-use our packing supplies: the boxes your orders are delivered in, the plastic bags you take your goodies home in (all are donated from our customers!), and the packing fillers that protect the fragile items in UPS shipments.  Check out these numbers: every year, we recycle about 20,000 pounds of cardboard, 8,000 pounds of paper, and 5,000 pounds of shrink wrap!
  • Heating/Cooling Management: Rather than air-conditioning our warehouse, we re-circulate the air with fans.  Our “east wing” stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so by re-circulating the air, we cut down on our heating/cooling costs.
  • Green Cleaning: All of our cleaning at the office, warehouse, and flour mill is done with the eco-friendly cleaning products that we sell.  This prevents our staff, customers, and products from being exposed to hazardous chemicals found in everyday cleaners.
  • Adopt-A-Road:  Our warehouse and office are about 3 miles from the family farm where the flour mill still resides.  Our employees commute between the flour mill and the warehouse multiple times every day to ensure the freshest flour possible on our shelves.  Since we travel those 3 miles so often, we decided to “adopt” the majority of the drive as part of the Adopt-A-Road program.  A team of Frankferd staff picks up the litter multiple times during the year, making the road cleaner for us and everyone else who travels it.
  • Buying Locally:  We try to support local commerce as much as possible. Roughly 1/3 of our suppliers are local and regional.  Buying locally not only reduces shipping costs and the product’s environmental impact, but also guarantees freshness. 


Solar solar warehouse
Solar array that powers the flour mill and farm. Solar array that powers the food warehouse.
Lyle Betty Tool Recycling
Betty and T with their dog Lupa. A runner stone from our stone mill. A view of our warehouse from above.
Solar Road

A newspaper article about our farm from the early 90s.

Frankferd staff cleaning up the roads.