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grow eat repeatGrow. Eat. Repeat.
Savannah, GA

We operate in the space that most people ignore; the back alleys and dark stairwells where flies and cats and rats dwell, OH MY! We have to battle against the mindset that when something is deemed to be trash that it simply gets thrown “away.” Something that is wasted is defined as something that is used or expended carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. We cannot afford to be careless with our veggie skins, orange peels, or coffee grounds. We must put them to good use! Grow Eat Repeat educates local businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, and residents on the importance of utilizing an often overlooked resource, FOOD. Our company slogan is “Feed the food that feeds you.” That means that we strive to divert as much material as possible from the landfill in an effort to create a soil amendment that will feed and nourish our land, the food growing, and eventually our bodies.

Conventional farming practices care very little about restoring life to the soil. We believe it to be of the utmost importance that we return nutrients to the soil in the form of compost. Giving back to the land for future generations of soil productivity is where we focus a great deal of our energy.  Our business takes what most people consider to be trash and uses it as an educational tool for making a positive impact in our community.

To provide a small yet impactful example of how we help folks garden responsibly we can take a look at two of our compost partners, Green Truck Pub and Foxy Loxy Cafe. These two restaurants have committed to educating their staff on identifying compostable materials and making sure that those materials are carefully separated from the trash. Grow Eat Repeat takes the source-separated organics (fancy way of saying food scraps) from these two popular locations to our composting site twice weekly. We incorporate the food with mulch and leaves and sawdust all of which have been diverted from the landfill. After a period of time those food scraps transform themselves into what we know as compost. The compost created is then returned to these locations where they have a couple of raised bed gardens. The herbs, greens, and seasonal vegetables grown in these beds supplement the menus at each location. Simple changes in daily habits like separating food scraps from trash can impact the local economy as well as the stomachs of our communities.


We are thrilled to be nominated amongst other green businesses and appreciate being given the opportunity for national exposure. We feel as if we have already won! That’s not to say that a monetary prize wouldn’t be the icing on our compost cake. We are always trying to reach more clients in our area and are currently seeking a better sealing and more durable container for our collection operation. We are also looking to increase efficiencies in our pile management process with additional implements for our tractor. Microbes, bacteria, and fungi are all hard-working organisms but a little mechanical assistance can help speed the process. The faster we can turn trash into turnips the sooner we can feed our friends and fill our hearts.


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