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Reaping the benefits in the cycle of making beer! 

Haines Brewing Company
Haines, AK

At the Haines Brewing Company we are dedicated to ~

REDUCING our carbon footprint with:
      ~ air source heat pumps, which take heat from the air, and then transfer it to the water in our in-floor heating system. Manufacturers of these pumps, Daikins, claim that they are 200% efficient even at 5 degrees F.
      ~ a hot water tank connected to these pumps, significantly reducing our consumption of propane
      ~ windows facing south, capturing passive solar energy that heats the retail tasting room
      ~ A $5,000 award from Green America would put us that much closer to the reality of the solar panel project we have planned to reduce our electricity consumption.

      ~ spent grain from the brewing process, which is in high demand by gardeners and free to the public: Mixing the grain into compost raises temperatures to speed decomposition to develop rich soil. Local farmers have also used the spent grain to feed their cows and chickens.
      ~ glass growlers for retail sales: We are one of the few breweries that charges a deposit on the bottle. Returning bottles can be traded for freshly cleaned and sanitized bottles to refill, or monetary refunds. Unfortunately there are no organizations in our rural community that recycle glass. In 2015 we filled more than 4,000 half-gallon and 440 liter bottles of beer. These hold the liquid volume equivalent of 26,000 bottles of the common 12-ounce size, and such glass would have ended up in the local landfill.
      ~ empty grain bags: have been used as containers to grow tomatoes and potatoes, to fill with sand for weights or sawdust for insulation, for regular garbage bags (vs. buying plastic ones), and have even been cut and sewn to become shopping bags.
      ~ salvaged light fixtures, chairs, and doors from Second Use (
      ~ Redwood boards from the city’s old water tank: crafted into doors and counters
      ~ wooden pallets from shipping: made into railings and other projects


        ~ we take cardboard, paper, plastics, scrap metal, electronic waste, printer cartridges, and tin to our local nonprofit recycling center

        ~ The Haines Brewing Company is not a bar, but more of a community-gathering place. Our brewery license limits beer consumption to 36 ounces per person per day; so excessive drinking is not an issue. During Alaska’s long dark winters, it is particularly important for people to get out and socialize to waylay depression. Our tasting room provides a bright, comfortable gathering place for folks. Our open-concept venue, with counters instead of tables, encourages mingling (no cell phones) and helps bridge communication across small-town politics.


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This is "Starvin' Marvin," at the school's composting bins. Here students compost the cafeteria's food with spent grain, coffee grounds, and sawdust to make soil for their garden.

Local gardeners layer the spent grain with food scraps, seaweed, and straw to develop rich soils and wonderful organic vegetables.

Any amount of spent grain you can add to your compost will activate the pile with heat for quick decomposition and added nitrogen.