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Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes
Baltimore, MD

Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes' mission is to connect people to their food source, educate them about how food is produced, and inspire them towards environmental stewardship through experiencing the joy of ultra-local, seasonal, organic deliciousness. 

Supporting and Facilitating
We design, install and maintain food gardens and edible landscapes for homeowners, businesses and schools. Whether we are creating a wall garden on a balcony, a container garden on a deck, raised beds, or a full featured mini-farm, we support our customers by sharing our skills and creating infrastructure to grow food sustainably, whatever their circumstance. We also offer a host of educational workshops sharing our passion and know-how around growing, preserving and enjoying local foods and herbs. 

Conservation-Style Landscaping
Beyond food gardens, Edible Eden aspires to impact every square foot of land we have under our stewardship in a beneficial way. We plant native and pollinator gardens, replace chemical lawns with diversity and install rain gardens, fruit tree guilds and food forests.

Balanced and Sustainable Ecosystems
While humans are our primary clients, supporting the bees, butterflies, birds and other local fauna is central to our ethics. We use only organic amendments and pest treatments and use companion plants and micro-climates to design gardens that don’t require any sprays whenever we can. 

Of Honeysuckle and Raspberries…
In our area raspberries are often plagued by the Spotted Wing Drosophila, a type of fruit fly that is wreaking havoc with berry farmers on the East coast. The local Ruby-Throated Hummingbird loves nothing better for lunch then some fat tasty fruit flies. Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are drawn to the blossoms of the native honeysuckle (lonicera sempervirens) ….so whenever we plant raspberries, we also plant the native honeysuckle on the same trellis.

Capacity Building
On the social front, Edible Eden works with local folks who are passionate about the work we do and who expand their skillset and knowledge base through working with us. We are currently exploring partnerships with local non-profits that could allow us to create gardens in low-income neighborhoods and schools.

If We Are Chosen
One of the ways the we would utilize the prize money would be to subsidize some of our workshops to make them more accessible to low income participants. We would also develop our innovative backyard farming ideas like the Salad Machine and the Micro-Farm helping make small scale intensive growing more accessible to a broader demographic.

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