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Congratulations to Sustainable NYC, winner of the 2011 People's Choice Award for Green Business of the Year.

Sustainable NYC is he greenest general store you can find in New York City. "Sustainable NYC is more than a store, it is more like a community center," wrote Green American Lynn Tiede, in her nomination of the store for the award. "They are a wonderful supporter of my school and environmental clubs, as well as a fully green business selling sustainable and locally made products." What's more, the store itself is super eco-friendly, built from 300-year-old reclaimed lumber from New York City buildings, and with a solar-powered outdoor sign.

What's more, Sustainable NYC isn't just for New Yorkers. Via their Web site, you can order a range of items suitable for holiday gift-giving. Among them: a waterproof messenger bag made-in-the-USA from recycled inner tubes; a battery- and electricity-free alarm clock that runs on water; and reclaimed aluminum, wood, and bike-chain jewelry.

Congratulations to Dominique Camacho and her team at Sustainable NYC, and to all of the green businesses in the running for the People's Choice Award.

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What is this Award?

A celebration of the leaders of the green economy, and a challenge to corporate America to follow their path.

What are Green Businesses?

Companies that work to help – not hurt – people, communities, and the planet. Check out our National Green Pages™ to learn more.

What Businesses are Eligible?

Only businesses that have passed Green America's screening process are eligible.  Visit the National Green Pages™ to find a company to nominate.

Who can vote for the People's Choice Award?

Everyone! Invite your friends to vote, and post a link to your Facebook page.

How can I find out who won?

The winner will be announced this November at our San Francisco Green Festival. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive an announcement of the winner after Green Festival.



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