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Below are the top ten most popular green business nominations. See what other Green Americans are saying about the businesses, check out their Web sites, and vote for your favorite before October 6.

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Meet the Top 10 Nominees
(Listed in alphabetical order.)

1. Bella Luna Toys
Rockland, ME |
"They have a wonderful selection of homemade toys made from natural, organic materials. They reuse and recycle and use clean and renewable energy sources. I LOVE Bella Luna Toys!
—Patricia K., Chesterton, IN

2. Diva Cup
Kitchener, ON |
"The Diva Cup is a wonderful solution for all women, with the possibility to eliminate huge amounts of landfill waste while promoting sustainability and health."

—Maya C., Gaylordsville, CT

3. Divine Chocolate
Washington, DC |
"Sales of their chocolate benefit African cocoa grower cooperatives and USA nonprofit fundraising activities. They've made a lot of people aware of what Fair Trade is all about.
—Dawn B., Cornville, AZ

4. Earth Kind
Bismarck, ND |
"They offer a product that keeps mice out of vehicles, houses, campers, or just about anywhere you don't want them without being harmful to the mouse, or any other pets or animals.
Lynn W., Phillipsburg, KS

5. Faerie's Dance
Harbor City, CA |

"This one-woman company offers affordable, beautiful, sustainable organic clothing, all beneficial for the consumer and environment (with the widest range of eco-intimates I’ve ever seen!)"
Trisha F., Raleigh, NC

6. Hazelnut Kids
Traverse City, MI |
"This is by far my favorite green toy store: incredible customer service and a great selection. Easy- to-navigate site, divided for browsing by age, brand, category. Eco-friendly and a tree planted for every toy sold. "
Mare D., Sag Harbor, NY

7. Purple Dragon Food Co-op
Glen Ridge, NJ |
"Purple Dragon supports local farmers, while providing high quality organic produce. The co-op also saves energy by coordinating delivery for hundreds of customers who would otherwise drive long distances.
Paula R., Berkeley Heights, NJ

8. Reach and Teach
San Mateo, CA |
"They support/find/distribute/popularize/invent fun stuff that teaches kids about environmental and social responsibility while expanding their brains generally, and do everything in as sustainable a way as possible.
Julia B., San Francisco, CA

9. Seven Hopes United
San Francisco, CA |
"Seven Hopes United carries goods that give back: sustainable, eco-gifts handmade with love by artisans around the globe. Products are handmade, all-natural materials that are biodegradable, nontoxic, organic, recycled, recyclable, or repurposed."
Hunter R., San Diego, CA

10. Sustainable NYC
New York, NY |

"Wonderful supporter of my school and environmental clubs, as well as a fully green business selling sustainable and locally made products. It is more than a store, it is more like a community center.
Lynn T., New York, NY

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Bella Luna Toys
Diva Cup
Divine Chocolate
Earth Kind
Faerie's Dance
Hazelnut Kids
Purple Dragon Food Co-op
Reach and Teach
Seven Hopes
Sustainable NYC

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What is this Award?

A celebration of the leaders of the green economy, and a challenge to corporate America to follow their path.

What are Green Businesses?

Companies that work to help – not hurt – people, communities, and the planet. Check out our National Green Pages™ to learn more.

What Businesses are Eligible?

Only businesses that have passed Green America's screening process are eligible.  Visit the National Green Pages™ to find a company to nominate.

Who can vote for the People's Choice Award?

Everyone! Invite your friends to vote, and post a link to your Facebook page.

How can I find out who won?

The winner will be announced this November at our San Francisco Green Festival. Sign up for our e-newsletter to receive an announcement of the winner after Green Festival.



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