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What's a Green Business?

Green businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment.

For every category of conventional consumer goods and services, there are green businesses that can meet your needs. You can find thousands of them in the National Green Pages™.

The National Green Pages™ highlights Green America Certified Businesses. These leading green businesses have passed a certification process to assess their commitment to sustainability and social justice. Green America recognizes their achievements with the Seal of Approval. 

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Green Business Member Profiles

Fair Trade spicesForesTrade
Working alongside migrant farmworkers in California as a young man, ForesTrade co-founder Thomas Fricke developed an appreciation for organic agriculture firsthand, dodging the pesticides raining down from the overhead cropdusters... Read full story »

Living Tree Paper CDsLiving Tree Paper Company
When lifelong environmental advocate Carolyn Moran started her own magazine ("a journal of spiritual ecology and activism" called Talking Leaves) in 1989, she resolved to print on the most eco-friendly paper she could find... Read full story »

Goodkind PensGoodkind Pen Company
Have you ever cleaned out your room or office and been shocked by the collection of pens you've amassed? In 1993, Ian LeBauer had just that experience, but he reacted to the discovery a bit differently from most... Read full story »

North Country Fair TradeNorth Country Fair Trade
When two worker-owners from Maquiladora Mujeres, a Nicaraguan sewing cooperative, launched an anti-sweatshop tour of the US in 2004, their first stop was Green America's Green Festival®, and their second was with North Country Fair Trade... Read full story »

"I saw there wasn't a lot of action turning recycled materials into new products," says Recycline founder Eric Hudson. "I wanted to show that you can make high-quality products from recycled materials." Read full story »

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