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Adelante Mujeres Forest Grove, OR
organic farming + employment for Latina immigrants

Adelante MujeresAdelante Mujeres is delighted to be selected as one of the 10 finalists for a Green America Green Grant. If selected, funds would go towards a restoration and farmscaping project at La Esperanza Farm, a collective farm managed by Adelante Agricultura, the sustainable farming program of Adelante Mujeres. We are a community-based non-profit in Forest Grove, Oregon that works towards the education and empowerment of immigrant Latina women and their families. Established in 2005, the Adelante Agricultura program provides training and technical assistance for emerging organic farming businesses. Adelante Agricultura’s mission of achieving social justice and equity through ecological land management and economic viability is directly in line with the mission of Green America as it encompasses both themes of social justice and ecological sustainability.The program goals are:

  1. To increase opportunities for the immigrant farmers of tomorrow through entrepreneurial training, mentoring and access to land,
  2. To strengthen direct marketing capacity of Spanish speaking small-scale farmers with limited resources, and
  3. To advocate ecological awareness and action for a sustainable economy and healthy communities.

La Esperanza Farm is 12 acres of land within the Forest Grove city limits where farmers who graduate from Adelante Agricultura’s 12 week long organic farming course have the opportunity to put into practice their newly acquired organic farming skills and knowledge. Farmers lease ½ acre plots of land and work in cooperation with the other farmers on the land to grow produce to be sold through direct marketing opportunities such as the Forest Grove Farmers Market (another project of Adelante Mujeres). Adelante Agricultura supports the farmers in establishing their farm businesses and eventually, their transition to other locations as independent farmers.

Adelante Agricultura plans to use the Green Grant to implement restoration projects at La Esperanza Farm, which include the reintroduction of native plants and the improvement of the riparian zone. The development of natural spaces is meant to serve both as a conservation education tool as well as to provide ample habitat for beneficial pollinators and other wildlife that will contribute to the sustainability and productivity of the land. The program is currently partnering with local organizations such as City of Forest Grove Public Works and Clean Water Services to work to eradicate invasive plants and to restore the fragile habitat along bordering Gales Creek. Funds from this grant will go to support the further development of riparian buffers, swales, native hedgerows, artificial nests and the creation of additional natural areas. Adelante Agricultura plans to transform La Esperanza farm into an educational farm that teaches both the resident farmers and the local community about the benefits of creating a healthy farming environment that is in balance with nature.

Forest Grove Farmers Market
Local farm visit
Community Garden
Community Garden
Working in the gardens

Working in the Gardens



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What is the green grants contest?

The green grants contest is designed to give a boost to the green economy.  We want to draw attention to projects that are doing a great job of combining social justice with environmental responsibility, and reward them with a grant toward their work.

What kind of groups are eligible?

If the project is good for both people and the planet and a $1,000 or $2,500 grant could make a difference to them – you should nominate the group. The group is not required to be a nonprofit organization or have 501c(3) status.

Will you be contacting my nominee?

If your nominee makes it into our top-ten, we will contact them to let them know.  We'll work with the ten nominees to get a full description of their projects on our Web site for the round of top-ten voting. 

What kind of projects are you talking about?

Here are some examples:  Maybe a local school could use a green-grant for its organic garden project.  Maybe a local pro-bicycling non-profit organization wants to extend its reach into the inner city.   Maybe a local solar-installation business wants to make a commitment to provide job-training.  Really, we're looking forward to seeing what you report to us.  We're excited about publicizing good news about the green economy and rewarding good green projects.

When will the grants be given?

The nomination period runs through June 7.  The top-ten voting runs through June 30.  We'll publicize the winners and disburse the grants shortly after that.  We'll also keep up with the winners and profile the great ways that they use their "green grants."

How else will the nominees benefit?

We'll list all the nominees (not just the top ten) on our Web site with links to their work.  This will become an honor roll of organizations doing great green work in their communities, bringing together social justice and environmental health.  People from all over the country will see their work and have an opportunity to link to it.

How are the top ten nominees chosen?

Top ten nominees will be chosen by Green America staff.

How are the green grants funded?

A generous Green America donor provides these funds for us to disburse to other groups as we see fit. This year, we decided to invite you to help us decide who receives these grants.

How can I find out who won?

Make sure you're signed up for our e-newsletter.

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