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Employment Program Caterers

Next time you are looking for a caterer for a meeting or gathering, look to see if there is an employment program caterer in your community which serves food as a vehicle to training and employing people who might otherwise struggle to make a living. These programs serve a critical need in many communities, providing much-needed jobs and job training, especially when times are tough.  

Bloomington, IN: FoodWorks, 812/219-9525.

Boston, MA: Abundant Table, 617/892-9100.

Bozrah, CT: Catering to You, 860/892-6013.

Brooklyn, NY: The Works Catering, 212/780-1942.

Charlotte, NC: Encore Catering, 704/790-8646.

Chevy Chase, MD: Through the Kitchen Door, 301/657-1157.

Chicago, IL: Cafe Too, 773/275-0626.

Columbus, OH: Serenity Catering, 614/358-0615.

Milwaukee, WI: Coffee With a Conscience, 414/286-2142

Muskegon, MI: Pioneer Food Service, 231/773-5355 x11.

Neptune, NJ: Hungry Heart Catering, 732/918-2600.

Philadelphia, PA: Back Home Catering, 215/320-6191.

San Francisco, CA: Sunrise Cafe, 415/544-0424, x119.

Seattle, WA: Heroes: Catering with a Cause, 206/223-1712,
and FareStart Catering 206/443.1233.

Vancouver, British Columbia: Potluck Catering, 604/609-7368.

Washington, DC: Fresh Start Catering, 202/234-0707.

Know of an employment program caterer you'd like included on this list? Email us.



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Choose food that provides a sustainable livelihood for small-scale farmers, farm workers, and food-service employees here and around the world.

Support local economies and small farms, instead of large, often destructive agri-corporations.

Help preserve the environment and family farms, and empower low-income workers across the US and around the world.

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