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Climate & Energy

Economic action to stop global warming


What You Can Do To
Fight Climate Change

In Your Home:

Invest in Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient LightblulbSave energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money.  Conservation and energy efficiency are the fastest ways we can curb our greenhouse gas emissions, decrease energy-related pollution, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. 

Choose Green Power
Wind TurbinesThe power company you are already using may offer green energy, or you can switch to a power company that does.

Find out if you can buy green power in your state from the Department of Energy's Green Power Buying Map.

If green power is not available in your area through your power company, you can offset your carbon emissions by purchasing carbon-offset credits, or you can look into installing your own clean power, which is easier than ever. These articles from Green America's publications can help you:

Other Lifestyle Changes
Wind TurbinesThere are a number of other simple steps you can take at home or at work or in your lifestyle in general to reduce energy consumption. Eating less meat, flying less, driving less, reducing consumption in general. We have more resources on each of these steps on this page and in our publications' article archives.

In Your Investments:

Invest in Clean Energy
Use your investor power to stop coal-related destruction by directing your investments toward vehicles that promote the development of clean energy technology.

Take Shareholder Action
If you invest in power companies that continue to rely on coal, voice your concerns. If you invest in mutual funds, tell the company that you expect them to vote for sustainability on climate risk resolutions.

Divest from Dirty Energy