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Invest in Clean Energy

Solar PanelsYou can use your investor power to stop climate change by directing your investments toward vehicles that promote the development of clean energy technology.

Many socially responsible (SRI) mutual funds include clean energy companies in their mix of investments. US SIF's (the association for socially responsible investment professionals and institutions) Mutual Funds Performance Chart codes each fund to show if it makes positive investments in the environment. Examples of funds making clean energy investments include the Green Century Balanced Fund, Portfolio 21, Sierra Club Mutual Funds, Winslow Green Growth Fund, and the New Alternatives Fund (which focses specifically on companies producing solar, wind, hydrogen, biomass, and fuel cell power).

If you're looking to invest in specific companies, Clean Edge (a clean technology research and strategy firm (maintains an index of publicly traded "clean tech" companies. WilderShares, LLC also maintains a list of green power companies, known as the WilderHill Clean Energy Index.

Also, a socially responsible financial planner, such as those found in our National Green Pages™ would have access to the lists mentioned above, as well as others not avialable publicly. Tell your planner that you're interested in investing in renewable energy, and she or he will be recommend stocks that might be right for you and your financial situation.

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