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Climate & Energy

Economic action to stop global warming



Coal burningIf you own stock in dirty coal companies, oil-and-gas companies, or other companies implicated in worsening climate change, consider dumping your stock.

If you prefer not to use your shares to bring pressure on the company to change, or if it’s clear that shareholder advocacy is not working, divestment can be an effective way of getting your message across.  Divestment demonstrates to a corporation that its environmentally irresponsible actions and policies will negatively affect its bottom line.

Be sure to write to the company to explain your decision, telling them why you divested, and what it would take to invest in the company again.

One especially effective way of divesting is to consider donating your stock to a group or organization that can use your stock to pursue shareholder advocacy with the company.  (You don’t even have to donate all of your stock.  Because even one share entitles a shareholder to file resolutions or ask for dialogues with a company, you can sell part of your stock, and donate the rest.)


Donate dirty stock to Green America. We can hold enough shares to attend meetings, and sell the rest, putting the money to use in our work to build a more sustainable economy.