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Economic action to stop global warming


Building A Clean Energy Future

Green is Good NewsOur dependence on foreign fossil fuels negatively affects people, communities and the environment. As a result of our fossil fuel use we face air pollution, mining hazards, oil spills, and the destruction of local communities through mountain top removal mining. Alarmingly, the list doesn't stop there as we must consider fossil fuels' effects on national security and global warming.

The good news: renewable energy sources – wind, solar, biomass and geothermal – can supply a huge portion of our energy needs. Green America's Climate Action program helps you fuel your own green energy shift, and works to support governmental policy shifts that favor clean energy.

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You Can Buy Green Energy Today!

The power company you are already using may offer green energy, or you can switch to a power company that does.

If green power is not available in your area through your power company, you can offset your carbon emissions by purchasing carbon-offset credits, or you can look into installing your own clean power, which is easier than ever. These articles from Green America's publications can help you:


Clean Energy Victory Bonds

This 21st-century take on a timeless financing solution (think War Bonds) allows ordinary citizens to invest in building our renewable energy future. We're working with a member of Congress to make this happen. Take our action here to tell our lawmakers you want them to make this clean-energy financing solution a reality. (For more on creative financing options, check out our report Five Emerging US Public Finance Models.)


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