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Top Six Coal Villains

CoalAn unofficial list of six companies involved with the largest coal extraction and burning projects in the U.S. (Click on the linked companies to learn more about their corporate responsibility records on our Responsible Shopper Web site.)

  1. Peabody Energy
    Peabody is the largest coal mining company in the world. They mine over 240 million tons of coal each year at over 40 mining facilities across the U.S. and in Australia and Venezuela. Peabody has plans for three new coal-fired power plants to be built in New Mexico, Illinois, and Kentucky, totaling 3300 MW. These plants are estimated to cost $4.8 billion and emit 21.5 million tons of CO2 per year.

  2. Massey Energy
    Massey Energy is the 4th largest coal mining company in the United States, with 19 mining complexes that yield 40 million tons of coal each year. With their operations focused in the Appalachian states of Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky, Massey is one of the worst mountaintop removal offenders.  They are also responsible for the 2000 Martin County, Kentucky slurry spill and the 2.8 billion gallon coal slurry impoundment located 400 yards above Marsh Fork Elementary School in West Virginia.
  3. Arch Coal
    Arch Coal is the second-largest mining company in the United States, with operations concentrated in the Appalachian Mountains and the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. Arch Coal provides about 12 percent of the country’s coal supply from over 21 active mines, and is active in the destructive practice of Mountain-Top Removal.  
  4. Alpha Natural Resources
    Alpha Natural Resources is one of the leading mining companies practicing Mountain-Top Removal, devastating Northern Appalachia. They operate 38 active underground mines, 27 active surface mines and 10 coal preparation plants.
  5. Dominion
    Dominion operates in over 20 states and Canada, and is involved with oil extraction projects in the Gulf of Mexico.  While public pressure has helped cancel some of Dominion's plans for new power plants, they're still planning to build a new 600 MW plants in Virginia at a time when we need to rely less and less on coal, not more. The company has also been very slow to recognize climate change and to report its consequences in annual reports.
  6. Southern Company

    Southern Company is one of the largest utilities in the U.S. with more than 4.3 million customers. Unfortunately, Southern Company is also one of the most polluting utilities in the world, with nearly 70 coal-fired power plants. Its largest and most polluting plant emits an astonishing 26 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, making it the biggest power plant emitter of CO2 in the country. Take our action, telling Southern Company to clean up its act.


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