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What You Can Do

If human activity is the cause of climate change, then human activity can also be the solution. Check out what you can do to save the present and protect the future from the worst climate change impacts:

  1. Switch to Green Power. Currently, 34 states and the District of Columbia offer alternatives for customers who want to purchase green power. For a complete list of green power options, visit the US Department of Energy’s Web site.
  2. Buy Green Tags. If your energy company doesn’t offer green power, you can offset your carbon dioxide emissions by purchasing “green tags,” or compensatory energy credits that add renewable power to the grid equal to the power you use. Numerous green tag programs exist; Green America partners with NativeEnergy.
  3. Make your voice heard. ExxonMobil is reaping record profits while ignoring global warming and failing to invest in renewable energy.  On May 31st ExxonMobil shareholders will gather at the company’s annual meeting to demand that ExxonMobil take climate change seriously and invest aggressively in renewable energy, before it is too late. Exxon needs to know that a broad array of their stakeholders, including consumers, are deeply concerned about the company’s impact on global warming, and outraged that ExxonMobil continues to shirk its responsibilities. Act now.
  4. Improve your Efficiency. The best and cheapest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to improve your energy efficiency at home and at work.
  5. Go Solar. With states offering residential renewable energy incentives as high as $20,000 (and the federal government offering a $2,000 incentive through 2007), solar energy is more accessible than ever before, not to mention an excellent long-term investment. Get our Green American, The Promise of the Solar Future, to learn more. (PDF)
  6. Green Your Transportation. Carpool, vanpool, take a bus, ride a train, or step on the subway. Better yet walk or ride a bike. Using mass transit, fuel-efficient vehicles, and your own energy to get around is a wonderful way to take control of your impact on climate change. Americans could save 1.5 million barrels of fuel a day if fuel economy were improved by 5 mpg. Get our Guide to Sustainable Transportation. (PDF)
  7. Eat Locally. From farm to dinner plate, food grown in the US travels 1500 miles on average. Distances are substantially longer for foods imported from elsewhere in the world. [source: Local Harvest] Add on the energy used for packaging and refrigeration, and your food can carry hefty carbon emissions. When you visit a farmers market, subscribe to a CSA, or buy local produce at your grocer you are saving thousands of miles. Just think what you save when you purchase handcrafted goods and gifts from local producers.
  8. Use Your Investor Power. If you invest in power companies that continue to rely on coal, voice your concerns with unsustainable technologies and ask them to disclose their role in creating climate risks, assert that you prefer to invest your dollar in cleaner technologies. If you invest in mutual funds, tell the company that you expect them to vote for sustainability on climate risk resolutions.

Act Now. Tell Oil Companies to Take Climate Change Seriously.

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