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In 2009, Partners for Just Trade and Green America coordinated Resonating Change: Connecting Communities through Fair Trade, a tour that visited over 1,300 people in 11 cities throughout in the Midwest and Colorado.

We are pleased to announce our 2011 tour that will visit the Pacific Northwest. Sonia Anahue Uscamayta from the Munay Rumi jewelry cooperative in Lima and Yody Gladys Moran Trillo from the El Mercurio knitting cooperative in Huancavelica, Peru will be traveling to the United States to share how Fair Trade has impacted their lives. Sonia and Yody's stories represent those of so many women around the world; both were forced to relocate their families in search of a better life to earn more money or escape violence – and despite their move, still found life difficult. Yet since they’ve become a part of the Fair Trade movement, their horizons have expanded and opportunities have opened.

Our tentative schedule is as follows. Please check regularly as this website will be updated as more events are confirmed.

 Date  City *  Local Sponsor          
 Event Time
Wed, May 11    San Francisco Mercy High School 11:30am
 Wed, May 11   
San Francisco

 Global Exchange
 Thu, May 12
 Sunnyvale, CA
 Sunnyvale Presbyterian

7:00 pm
 Fri, May 13
 Berkeley, CA
 Hub Bay Area &
 Fair Trade USA
 6:00 pm 
 Sat, May 14
 Berkeley, CA
 Global Exchange
 Sat, May 14
 Santa Rosa, CA
 Fair Trade Stores of
 Sonoma County Contact
 (707) 939-2847 with 
 7:00 pm
 Sun, May 15
 Mon, May 16
 Eugene, OR
 Cafe Mam and
 Eugene Coffee Company
 Tue, May 17
Portland, OR The Banyan Tree 1:00pm
 Tue, May 17
  Portland, OR  Northwest Fair Trade 

 Wed, May 18
 Olympia, WA
 Traditions Fair Trade
 4:00 pm
 Thu, May 19
 Tacoma, WA 
 Urban Grace, Chapel Hill, 
 Manitou Park and Trinity
 Presbyterian Churches
 Fri, May 20
 Seattle, WA
  El Centro De La Raza & Fair Trade Seattle 6:00-8:00pm
 Sat, May 21
 Seattle, WA
 Green Festival
 Sun, May 22
 Seattle, WA  Green Festival

 Mon, May 23
 Spokane, WA
 First Presbyterian Church  
 7:00 pm
 Tue, May 24
  Spokane, WA

12:00 - 1:00pm
 Wed, May 25  Leavenworth, WA 
 Jubilee Global Gifts

* Click on the city for a google map of the event's location


About the Artisans
Yody Gladys Moran Trillo was born in a rural community in the Huancavelica Province in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This region was heavily affected by the armed conflict that lasted from 1980 to 2000. At a young age, Yody and her family moved to the city of Huancavelica to escape the violence that was afflicting the countryside. She met and married her husband when she was 15 and soon after had her first child. Yody and her husband lived, barely scraping by, on his salary for many years.

Yody began to knit sweaters, scarves, and other items to sell in the local markets to help bring in a little extra money for her family. She connected with the Bridge of Hope Fair Trade project in 2003 and invited two other mothers to help her with a first order. As the orders began to grow, so did Yody’s group. El Mercurio (named after the colonial mine in her neighborhood in Huancavelica), grew to eight, then 17, and today has over 30 members. El Mercurio has been growing steadily during the last few years, creating finger puppets, stuffed animals, and more. Yody and the other members of El Mercurio have truly been inspirations, rising out of a violent past and becoming successful and respected women in their community.

Sonia Anahue Uscamayta has been working with the Munay Rumi jewelry cooperative for four years. Sonia was born in the Cuzco region of Peru and spent her youth helping her family take care of their small plot of land where they grew potatoes and tended to llamas. In order to help her family, she moved to Lima in search of employment when she was old enough to work. She met the other members of Munay Rumi while employed at a jewelry factory in Lima, working nearly 80 hours a week (earning only $115 a month). She’d always liked working with jewelry and while the employees were exploited and suffered appalling work conditions, Sonia recognizes that the job helped her learn some basic skills about jewelry making. It was also at this factory, where the managers often locked the doors from the outside so the workers could not leave, that the idea was hatched to break off and start their own business. Sonia appreciates her colleagues because as she said, “in the beginning when we were struggling to make money and find customers, when one person would want to give up, the others were beside them and encouraging them to stick with it.”

And their dedication has paid off. Munay Rumi’s sales have increased exponentially – nearly 600 times – since they started just four years ago. They have benefited from technical and design training over the past two years by PJT’s Sales Coordinator and jewelry designer, Peggy Eng. These trainings have built a cohesive collection and developed a signature style.

About the Tour Organizers
Green America is the nation’s leading green economy organization. Founded in 1982, Green America (formerly Co-op America) provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to solve today's social and environmental problems.

Partners for Just Trade (PJT) is a nonprofit Fair Trade organization that cultivates global partnerships between impoverished producers from Peru and Cameroon and conscientious consumers in the U.S. PJT addresses root causes of poverty through education, solidarity, a commitment to trade justice, and the sale of Fair Trade products.



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