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Fair Trade Alliance Members

Creative People
Members of Green America's Fair Trade Alliance are everyday people in everyday communities committed to the extraordinary proposition that by working together we can create a global economy based on principles of Fair Trade.

Toni Marie Elkhouri is an individual Fair Trade Alliance member who has been very active in promoting Fair Trade in her local community of Melbourne, Florida.  Her mother owns a small café that serves only Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, and they pass out information about Fair Trade to all of their customers.  Toni has also convinced several small businesses in her area to use only Fair Trade Certified™ coffee.  She is currently working with local coffee shops to hold a Fair Trade promotional day every month, and she runs a free monthly advertisement in her community’s local healthy living journal.  She uses Green America’s Guide to Fair Trade as a regular part of her outreach. 

Like Toni Marie Elkhouri, many Green America members promote Fair Trade on a very personal level with their friends, family members, colleagues, customers, and people with whom they come into contact.  The grassroots, people-driven, word-of-mouth activities of our individual members spread knowledge and excitement about Fair Trade. Not a Green America member? Join now!

Creative Solutions
The folks at the Clothing Change/Exchange in Goddard, VT hold regular clothing swaps and fashion shows and also educate the community about the importance of purchasing sweatshop-free and fair trade clothing.

Young's Auto Service Center, a family-owned auto service shop in Portland, Maine keeps their lunch room stocked with Fair Trade Certified™ coffee and hot cocoa. They have convinced a nearby coffee shop to start using Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, too.  They recently requested copies of Green America’s Guide to Fair Trade to put inside their customers’ cars on World Fair Trade Day .

Other Fair Trade Alliance members include Shewolf Productions in Iowa City, Iowa, and The Peoples Channel in North Carolina.  Both businesses work with public access television, and they are both very committed to Fair Trade.  They serve only Fair Trade Certified™ coffee in their offices, and their employees have been active in their communities promoting Fair Trade to local grocery stores, churches, and local community members.  

The Indiana Forest Alliance is also a very active member of Green America’s Fair Trade Alliance.  They are a grassroots organization staffed by volunteers, and they make an effort to incorporate the Fair Trade message into everything they do.  They forward all of the Fair Trade Alliance newsletters to their listserv, and they share information about Fair Trade with like-minded environmental organizations in the area.  The Indiana Forest Alliance also does active outreach to their local community in Bloomington, Indiana, and they pass out educational materials on Fair Trade every time they table at food cooperatives, universities, farmers markets, and environmental events. 

Committed Faith Communities
People of faith are leading the way in advocacy for Fair Trade. One such faith-based community is Utica Presbytery.  Utica Presbytery is made up of 37 Presbyterian churches in New York state.  About a year ago, Utica Presbytery began offering $25 to every church that passed a resolution to buy only Fair Trade Certified™ coffee, and about half of the churches have now done this.  Because of the success of this initiative, they are now considering incorporating Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate in some way.

Fair Trade Alliance members at Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish in Palo Alto, California, are promoting Fair Trade in unique and creative ways.  In addition to serving Fair Trade Certified™ coffee after weekly masses and at all congregational celebrations at their three church sites, the members at Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish held an Easter-themed Fair Trade Awareness activity this year.  They provided educational materials, and they sold Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate from Day Chocolate Company as well as fairly traded egg boxes from Asha Handicrafts. 

Growing the Fair Trade Movement
Green America's Fair Trade Alliance currently has several hundred organizations and business as members. We are dedicated to offering the information and connections needed to help these committed groups to promote Fair Trade in their own community and beyond. Together we can make a difference for small scale farmers and artisans worldwide.

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