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Time to Raise the Bar
Tell Hershey to Improve Their Supply Chain

Last Monday, Hershey released its first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility Report, in which it failed to outline a credible plan for ensuring that its supply chains aren’t tainted with forced labor, human trafficking, and abusive child labor – all notorious problems for all companies that source cocoa.

Hershey has asked the public to provide feedback on the report through an online survey. Very few people will fill out this survey, so this is a great opportunity to tell Hershey directly that it needs to take action on child labor in the cocoa-communities from which it sources.

Our Hershey profile on Responsible Shopper may help you in completing the form (Hershey has hardly any organic chocolate in its offerings, and is closing factories in the US so they can pay lower wages in Mexico, in addition to its supply-chain woes). Be creative and use your own words in filling out the survey, but if you're at a loss for words, below please find our suggested responses to the questions on Hershey's survey.

Hershey's own CSR Report [PDF] »

Green America's Report: "Time to Raise the Bar: The Real Corporate Responsibility Report for the Hershey Company" [PDF] »

Take Hershey's survey »


Suggested Responses to the Hershey's Survey

1. How satisfied were you, overall, with Hershey's first CSR report?
Choose selection #1, "Very unsatisfied"

2. How satisfied were you with the specific sections of the CSR Report?
Hershey includes their sourcing initiatives in the Marketplace section. For this section you may want to choose selection #1. "Very unsatisfied," since they fail to make meaningful commitments to stop child labor. For the other sections please use your own judgment or mark “Not Applicable”

3. Do you have any comments about the specific sections?
Here, you will want to comment on the marketplace section, specifically addressing the need for traceability and action on labor issues. For example: "The marketplace section fails to make meaningful and measurable commitments to stopping child labor in your supply chain. As one of the world largest chocolate companies, Hershey has much to do ensure the integrity of your supply chains."

4. Are there topics you would like to see in our next CSR report?
Here, please mention Fair Trade certification. For example: "I would like to see a major commitment to third-party independent supply chain verification, like Fair Trade, which prevents forced and child labor, and supports large scale community development."

5. Overall, did you feel that Hershey's first CSR Report was transparent?
Choose selection #1: Not transparent

6. Do you have any comments about the report's transparency?
Suggested response: "The initiatives you showcase in the report, such as the Harkin-Engel protocol and WCF have not achieved meaningful change for the vast majority of cocoa growing communities in West Africa."

Please take the Hershey's survey today, tell your friends to take the survey , and “like” our Hershey post on Facebook to spread this information as widely as you can.


More Ways to Take Action on Fair Trade

Host a home screening of the film "The Dark Side of Chocolate." Green Americans from coast to coast are sharing this new film by Miki Mistrati and U. Robin Romano during the week of October 23 - 31.

Go Reverse Trick-or-Treating with your kids. Share Fair Trade chocolate with your friends and neighbors. Be sure to use the code GREENAMERICAN to order your free trick-or-treating kit before October 8.

Find Fair Trade chocolate in our National Green Pages™.



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