Stop Firestone Campaign

Companies: Bridgestone Firestone

Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC has operated a rubber plantation in Liberia since the country's independence in 1926. According to the International Labor Rights Fund (ILRF), Bridgestone Firestone subjects workers to "the modern equivalent of slavery" and encourages adults to bring their children to help them meet daily rubber production quotas. The ILRF filed a class-action suit on behalf of 12 Liberian workers and their 23 children, who worked for Bridgestone Firestone in Harbel, Liberia. Terry Collingsworth of ILRF stated, "... the evidence of forced labor is so clear and Firestone owns and operates the plantation, so it can't foist it off on some offshore, foreign subsidiary..."

The situation violates international laws including ILO Conventions, American and Liberian labor law. Send a letter to Bridgestone/Firestone president Dan Adomitis to help end Firestone's child labor, exploitation, and environmental destruction in Liberia. Click on the URL below to take action.

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