Give Ethiopians Farmers Their Fair Share


Starbucks sells coffee named after regions of Ethiopia where the coffee beans were grown. The coffee gaint wanted to trademark the names of these coffees, but Ethiopia--one of the world's poorest countries--asked Starbucks to set an example for the coffee industry by signing an agreement recognizing Ethiopia’s legal ownership of its coffee. Fifteen million Ethiopians depend on the country's coffee production for their livelihoods, yet only ten percent of Ethiopian coffee retail income goes back to Ethiopians. The signing of this trademark agreement would effectively allow farmers to get a better price and more fair returns for the valuable coffee Ethiopia produces. Despite its publicly-stated commitments to coffee growers, Starbucks has refused to take this important step to improve terms of trade for Ethiopian farmers. Act now to support Ethiopian coffee producers and tell Starbucks to sign the agreement! Click on the URL below.

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