Go Green:


if you want to avoid shopping with irresponsible companies...

Take the Train

The next time you need to travel, opt for taking Amtrak instead.  While it will take longer than a commercial flight, the carbon emissions from trains can be ten times less than emissions from flying.  Taking the train for your family vacation can help the environment and slow climate change.

Bus It

Like the train the bus has lower carbon emissions and many buses are now “green”. Plus, like with the train, you don't have to worry about long security lines or going over the allowed liquid limit!

Buy Carbon Offsets

Many airlines now offer the option for their passengers to purchase offsets for their carbon emissions generated by their air travel.  Companies like TerraPass (www.terrapass.com) have websites that allow customers to calculate their carbon footprint and purchase offsets online.  Whichever you choose, buying carbon offsets are a cheap way to help combat climate change.

Go on a Staycation

The next time you need a break from work, spend a week relaxing at home instead of flying across the country.  This way, you can avoid the expenses and stresses of air travel.  Visit local parks or museums, and go to a new restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try.  A staycation can be easy on the environment as well as your wallet, since you won’t be generating carbon emissions from air travel.


Aviation accounts for approximately 2% of global carbon emissions annually