Go Green:

Athletic Wear

if you want to avoid shopping with irresponsible companies...

Check Out Green America's National Green Pages™

Find green businesses that offer shoes and clothing, and exercise equipment.

Shop Second-Hand Stores

Use your hunting skills to track down a great pair of gently used shoes in your local thrift store. If you are looking for sports clothes for yourself or your family, you can find some real gems in second hand stores. Plus, consignment shops in some more upscale neighborhoods are packed with worn-once or never worn items from some of the top brand name clothiers.

Don't Believe the Hype!

While there are some sports that do require special clothing, shoes and protective gear, there is no rule that says that you must have yoga pants to do yoga, the latest cross trainers to go for a walk, or a new sports cami for working out at the gym. Be comfortable, be safe, but don't be a slave to sports fashion.

What Else You Can Do:

Get Your University to Go Sweat-Free

Many universities are adopting vendor standards that require that companies supplying athletic gear and promotional gear for the school respect worker rights. The Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) is a nonprofit established by university administrations, students, and labor rights advocates to help universities enforce their Code of Conduct for vendors. There are more than 100 colleges and universities affiliated with the WRC. Find out about your university's policies.

Check Out the Clean Clothes Campaign

Find out how you can use your consumer power to create change throughout the garment industry.

Order Green America's Guide to Ending Sweatshops

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