Go Green:

Beverage and bottled water

Here's how you can green your beverage consumption

Coffee and tea

Look for Fair Trade coffee and tea. You can find many Fair Trade and green businesses that offer Fair Trade coffee, tea and other Fair Trade foods in the National Green Pages™.

Fruit juice

Most mainstream bottled fruit juices are mostly water and sugar and contain little actual fruit juice. Instead of buying bottled juice,make your own. Invest in a new or used fruit juicer and make your own juices at home. It’s a great way to get all the benefits of real fruit without the sugar and preservatives of store-bought beverages.


Spring water may seem like a healthier option than tap water, but not when you factor in the impact on communities and the environment.

Search the National Green Pages™ for home water filtering systems that can remove most impurities from your tap water. Then invest in a reusable water bottle. But be careful if you choose a plastic bottle. Many plastic bottles can leach harmful toxins into your water and most are not recyclable. Learn more.

Beer and wine

If you consume alcoholic beverages, look for organic beer and wine. Many microbreweries and a growing number of vineyards are starting to offer organic options. You should be careful to enjoy alcohol in moderation and never drive if you have been consuming alcohol. Learn more about organic beer and wine.