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Beauty and body care

if you want to avoid shopping at irresponsible companies...

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Make your own

Before there were mass-produced bars of soaps, moisturizers, and cosmetics, families made many of these items at home. Here are some resources for making your own natural body care products:

Check out the National Green Pages™ to order supplies such as herbs and flower essences.

Know the ugly side of cosmetics

Conventional make-up and body care products may contain ingredients that have been linked to allergic reactions, birth defects, and even cancer. Learn more to keep yourself and your family safe.

Go without make-up

Let your natural beauty shine through. The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, publishers of Our Bodies,Ourselves, have worked for decades to empower women to be healthy. Part of this is developing a healthy body image in a world that insists on judging women by their looks.

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