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If you are interested in steering your dollars away from irresponsible companies ...

Ask Magazines and Book Publishers to Use Recycled, Eco-friendly Papers

Close to 95 percent of magazines published today contain absolutely no recycled paper content. When you consider that global production in the pulp, paper, and publishing sector is expected to increase by 77% between 1995 to 2020, it is crucial that consumers use their economic power to encourage magazine and book publishers to green their paper use and printing practices.

Green America’s Better Paper Project works to preserve the health of forests and communities by encouraging magazine publishers to make environmental commitments. You can support our efforts by:

  1. Asking your favorite magazine to make the switch to an environmentally preferable paper. Tell them to check out the resources.
  2. Choose books from environmentally responsible publishers. Check out those listed in the National Green Pages.

Use BooksWeLike.net

Using this service you can locate a book, check your local library, and search for a local book seller. If you can’t find what you need at the library or from local book vendors, you can choose to buy from major booksellers such as Amazon – but be sure to look for used options. When you choose Green America as your beneficiary, BooksWeLike.net sends a donation to to support our work.

Buy from Green Book Publishers.

Search the National Green Pages™ for green publishers that print books on issues of social justice and environmental sustainability.