Go Green:


if you want to avoid shopping at irresponsible companies...

Get Green and Fair Trade Fashions

From organic t-shirts to business suits, from Fair Trade baby clothes to hemp dress shirts for men and women, you can find it all from businesses listed in the National Green Pages™.

Look for Second Hand Clothing Shops

There are some real gems to be found in thrift and consignment shops. Parents, take advantage of second-hand clothing finds for baby clothes and play clothes for growing children.

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Overwashing your clothes not only wears down the fabric, it wastes water and can introduce excessive pollutants into the water stream. Learn how to sew so you can repair clothes with holes and other imperfections.

Make Your Own Clothes

Take a sewing class or get a friend or relative to teach you. Let your creativity run wild. Find cloth and textiles in the National Green Pages™.

Hold a Clothing Swap

Each year at Green America, we hold a clothing swap and invite staff and friends to bring in old clothes they no longer want and swap them for 'new' fashions.

Learn About Sweatshops and the Struggle of Textile Workers

The garment industry is notorious for dangerous working conditions, underpaying workers, and violating worker rights to unionize. Yet throughout history, workers and consumer activists have challenged business and governments around the world to protect worker health and safety as well as respect worker rights to self-determination. Download a free copy of our Guide to Ending Sweatshops.