Go Green:

Computer and electronics industry

If you are interested in steering your dollars away from irresponsible companies ...

Buy used

Refurbished and used computers might not be on the cutting edge, but they might be enough for your personal computing needs. If you use your computer primarily for searching the internet, word processing, and basic spreadsheets, you don’t need a top-of-the-line machine.

Check out our Real Green article about eco-computer options.

Encourage clean computers and computer recycling

According to the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, “The high tech electronics industry uses vast amounts of dangerous chemicals and significantly depletes natural resources to fuel its global expansion and rapidly changing product lines. There are few other products for which the sum of the environmental impacts of raw material extraction, industrial refining and production, use and disposal is so extensive.” When you buy a computer or other electronic device, by sure to let the manufacturer know that you support clean technology and ending e-waste.

Check out the Electronics Take Back Campaign and learn more about efforts to encourage responsible recycling in the computer industry.

Turn off your computer

Go outdoors. Read a book. Just get away from the computer and you might find there's a whole world beyond the laptop.

Look in the National Green Pages™

Learn about green computer services in the National Green Pages™.