Go Green:

Deparment stores

if you want to avoid shopping at irresponsible companies...

Shop with Green and Fair Trade businesses

Use the National Green Pages™ to locate retailers in your area for clothing, housewares, and gifts that you might otherwise buy at a huge department store. Want green businesses at your finger tips? Join Green America and get a free print edition of the National Green Pages™.

Check out green online shopping malls

There are a number of green shopping portals that offer the variety of products and departments found in a department store. Plus, when you shop online, you never have to wait in line! Look in the National Green Pages™ for green online shopping sites.

Shop at second hand stores

Remember: one person's trash is another person’s treasure. Plus, if you enjoy making gifts, second-hand stores are great places to look for materials or items to refurbish.

Support local artisans

Venture out to local fairs and farmers markets to see what independent artisans in your area have to offer.

Be simple. Live with less.

Simplicity is more than a nice idea, it's a conscious lifestyle choice to live with less and live lightly on the earth. Make simplicity an active choice for your life and you’ll save money, clear the clutter, and avoid shopping with some questionable companies. Learn more from the Simple Living Network.

Learn more about simple living from simplicity guru Vicky Robin in her book, Your Money or Your Life.