Go Green:

Fast Food Industry

If you are interested in steering your dollars away from irresponsible companies ...

Pack your lunch

Make sure to pack your food in reusable containers that are safe and sustainable. Many conventional plastic containers can leach harmful chemicals into your food and drink. Learn more about safe plastics.

Hold a potluck with coworkers

Its a great way to make sure you don't eat lunch at your desk.

Support local restuarants

Look for restaurants offering organic, Fair Trade, or locally grown items. If you don’t see these items on the menu, ask for them. Join Green America now and get a free copy of the National Green Pages™ print directory to find restaurants in your area.

Books we like about food and sustainability

When you buy books through BooksWeLike.net and choose Green America as the beneficiary, a donation will be made to support our work.

Fast Food Nation

Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth

Slow Food: Collected Thoughts on Taste, Tradition, and the Honest Pleasures of Food

Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet