Go Green:

Oil and Gas Industry

If you are interested in steering your dollars away from irresponsible companies ...

Live Car-Lite

More than a quarter of US car trips are one mile or less, and 13.7 percent are a half-mile or less.  For most of us, these are walkable distances. Find a backpack or briefcase on wheels that can tote your work items and laptop.  For shopping trips, invest in a sturdy shopping cart or collapsible crate on wheels.

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Go Biodiesel

Pick up a copy Joshua Tickell’s book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank at BooksWeLike.net

Take the Six Steps to Renewable Energy

Before you make an investment in renewable energy for your home or office, there are six simple steps you should follow to make your transition easy and your investment pay off.

Buy Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets can help you balance out your emissions. Read our Real Green article for more information on how you can help fund a project that prevents one ton of greenhouse gases from being emitted for each ton that you have caused.

Spread the word

Educate others. Tell friends and family about how to stop abuse of workers, communities and the environment at the hands of gas and oil companies. Email them a link to Responsible Shopper.