Go Green:


if you want to avoid shopping with irresponsible companies or are concerned about the possible health impacts of cell phone use...

Switch Wireless Companies

Consider switching your cell phone provider to a wireless service company that is committed to environmental and social sustainability. Visit our National Green Pages website to find a wireless provider that works for you and our world.

Studies about the health impacts of cell phone use are mixed, and there may be a potential link between cell phones and brain (and other) cancers.  To lower any potential risk, you may want to limit your cell phone use, make sure to not hold your cell phone up to your ear, and use a handsfree device. 

Is a cellphone a must-have?

Since cell phones include coltan, a rare mineral mined in the Congo that is contributing to violence in that country, you may want to re-evaluate the necessity of a cell phone. Can you get by without a cellphone and rely on a home phone instead? If you find that you don’t need a cellphone then look for a green landline provider in the National Green Pages.


Avoid signing contracts that hold you to expensive and lengthy agreements! Use a phone service that allows you to pay as you go. Or invest in contract-free ways of communication such as Skype and two way radios

Recycle your cell phone

Make sure your used cell phone gets recycled or reused (which is true for all your used electronics).  If your phone still works, there are many programs across the country that will take your old cell phone and provide it to a person in need.  If your cell phone no longer works, make sure to recycle it properly.  Many cell phone providers will take your phone back for recycling, or check with your local municipality to see if they will recycle it.  Whatever you do, don’t throw your old cell phone in the trash.